A Cycling Master Plan for Whitehorse

In late 2016, the WUCC decided to formally approach the City of Whitehorse to suggest we partner with them to develop a long-term cycling master plan.  This plan would ideally change the status quo of somewhat ad hoc cycling infrastructure development and instead develop a comprehensive cycling network for the city.

In addition to writing a letter to Mayor and Council, the WUCC also received and submitted letters of support from several neighbourhood community associations and individual residents of Takhini (the Takhini neighbourhood currently does not have an association).  Below you can read our letter and the formal letters of support.

WUCC letter
City response
HCA letter
DRA letter
RCA letter

If you like and support the ideas proposed in our letter, please consider contacting Mayor and Council to let them know.

In June 2017 a site visit and workshop was made by transportation planners with the organization Urban Systems from Vancouver.  Their presentation can be found below.

Whitehorse Bicycle Network Plan Workshop