Questions posed by the WUCC to city council candidates

  1. There is a significant portion of Whitehorse’s citizenry who do not have the privilege to operate a motor vehicle (due to health, age or socio-economic reasons).  We believe there is a need for transportation to be designed around all users, not just motor vehicle operators.  What are your views on creating a ‘Transportation Equity Policy’?  Such a policy could recognize the transportation needs of the whole community extending beyond private automobile usage and would direct infrastructure investments accordingly.
  2. Would you support the planning and development of a comprehensive, contiguous bike network in Whitehorse?  This network would include segregated cycle-transportation infrastructure.  If you do not, what alternatives do you propose that would create a safe, accessible system for bicycle users of all ages and abilities?
  3. Are you aware of and familiar with the City of Whitehorse’s Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan?  What is your commitment to budgetary implementation of the TDM Plan, including public reporting of implementation progress?
  4. Would you commit to a City policy of seeking input from the cycling community on all modifications to new developments and infrastructure throughout the city?
  5. Will you commit to engage with the Yukon Government to update the Motor Vehicle Act to accommodate cycling friendly measures? Examples of cycling friendly measures include – but are not limited to – the Idaho Stop, a requirement for minimum clearance between drivers and cyclists on the road, and a name change to the Road Safety Act to recognize that road users are more than just motor vehicle operators.
  6. Would you continue to support the city’s position that a multimodal approach is needed for Yukon Government’s Alaska Highway Corridor plan?
  7. The WUCC would like to see intersections that are designed equally for all users rather than just around motor vehicles. Do you support a plan to actively work with the cycling community to implement an education campaign around rules of the road and identify and rebuild intersections that are barriers to safe and convenient cycling?
  8. What would you do to provide more bicycling parking downtown?